Eazy E

David X, 2020

Limited Edition of 5

Printed on archival paper

36″ x 24″

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Art Description

Born Eric Wright, Eazy E, was an American gangsta rapper from Compton, California. Eazy E was a popular solo performer who also performed in the hip hop group NWA. With a signature delivery and authenticity, Eazy E not only provided a voice to the west coast rap scene but also a mentality of gangster bravado.

David X is a mixed media contemporary artist who creates striking paintings fusing Eastern and Western artistic traditions. David X started studying art when he was 7 at after-school art classes with peers nearly 3 times his age. This experience kick-started the mental and physical database of references that he continues to draw on for his paintings today.

David X was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2002 but was given life through a successful bone marrow transplant. In 2017, doctors detected a recurrence which left him with less than one year to live. David X felt compelled to create 365 inspirational paintings during the last year of his life. When tests eventually revealed that leukaemia had not returned, and his life was no longer threatened, he challenged himself to continue the paintings to fulfill his dream and inspire hope. His works are mainly portrait paintings of well-known figures, both historic and contemporary.

"What we're showing may not be your reality, but it's ours.

Eazy E