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Live life to its fullest and work with great people on purpose-driven entrepreneurial projects. Life is short. Live without regrets.

Venture Media is a tech incubator that aims to enrich the lives of people through business and technology. We are private, self-funded and work on a variety of projects.

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We are dreamers and builders who handcraft apps that we love.

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Canvus website on iPhone Chitchats website on iPhone Venture website on iPhone Snapprint website on iPhone Black Friday website on iPhone

Care. Grow. Enjoy.

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We hire people who love what they do, fit with our values and who we love working with. We're always looking for bright people to add to our team who will make our team better, wiser, happier and healthier.

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Life can feel short like the life of a butterfly which lasts for just a few weeks.

But look at the beauty it brings and the life it spreads with each flower it seeks.

Fly freely with your heart and shine brightly with all your brilliant colours.

May you not let a day go by without seeing and sharing the beauty of life with others.

Dr. Kevin Ham, CEO