Anything is possible

Unlocking the heart of human potential

An incubator creating tech, health and business potential
Stewards of the best domain name portfolio name so influential
With a small great team striving to make a big impact
We incubate and fund ideas that bootstrap and act

Painting of Einstein blowing bubble gum, wearing a basketball shirt.

Art & cycling to inspire hope

We ride to fight the good fight against cancer
But what aims to kill us makes us stronger
So we ride across Canada to help find the answer
Creating art to inspire hope for you to live longer

Reinvent logo
Two reinvent employees riding for cancer in Nova Scotia

We are dreamers handcrafting apps for startups

Our Reinventions

Helping entrepreneurs start up and thrive

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A Better You & Me

Reinvent employees walking on a beach with matching t-shirts

With the mindset to reinvent and imagine a better world
A better you and a better me we dream of what can be
Seeing new solutions in what is here and over there
We'll leave the best of you and me for all eternity

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year Summit at Stanford A50 Global Winner
Blue butterfly

Life can feel short like the life of a butterfly which lasts for just a few weeks.

But look at the beauty it brings and the life it spreads with each flower it seeks.

Fly freely with your heart and shine brightly with all your brilliant colours.

May you not let a day go by without seeing and sharing the beauty of life with others.

Dr. Kevin Ham, CEO